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Card game, meets racing, meets turn based strategy! Pick your racer and customize your deck as you try to outrun  the law through a barren desert full of obstacles!


New Update:

Various bug fixes to stop crashing issues

New Character 'Raven' with new unique deck focused on navigating around, and OVER obstacles!

New card types: 

Curved movement, for example: move down and to the right for more precision movement

Jumping, leap over obstacles and glide through the air with new jumping cards/mechanics - note while in air movement is semi-randomized so be careful


Made for the Turn Based Jam (8 Bits to Infinity) jam: https://itch.io/jam/turn-based-jam

Be quick! If you run out of time picking your next move you'll run out of control and the card is picked for you. Whenever you run out of time you'll have less time to pick, so make sure you're quick, things can get out of hand fast!

Desert Racer Features:

- 3 Unique characters with special characters and stats

- Procedural levels becoming more difficult the farther you get

- Customizable decks! Want lots of mines and missiles? How about fast movement, something a bit more technical like redraws and buffs, or do you wanna play fast and loose and jump over or curve passed whatever is in your way? Create your own unique deck to fit your playstyle!

How to play:

- You are trying survive to get to the extraction point,  you'll need to keep an eye on your stability (top right in a level) as you play cards. If you run out you'll start losing control and you wont be able to afford your cards.

- Every card has a stability 'cost' which is the number on the bottom left of a card

- You can also see the steps in the top right which shows how many tiles you have moved, and how many total till the extraction point. 

- You can't waste time! You have a limited time to play a card and if you run out of time the card you have selected will be played for you and you'll have less time to play a card next turn. This can get out of control quick so act fast!

- Every turn everything moves an amount of tiles equal to the speed you're moving at, this is seen on the top left during a level. If speed is 4, missiles and obstacles will move 4 tiles, you and enemies can control themselves so of course they move what they want!

- You'll need to dodge obstacles, enemies and missiles to get to the finish. Conserve your stability when you can and don't be afraid to take risks!

Controls: This game primarily uses the arrow keys to switch between menu options, cards, ect, and the enter key to select. Currently the pause menu/options use a mouse.

Note: This is the most recent build since the jam ended which includes various bug fixes.

Also note: on the game over screen when it says 'Press Any Button to Continue' its actually wants you to press (Start)/[Enter].


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