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Side Scrolling beat-em  up using physics/momentum made for the Weekly Game Jam 142 with the theme 'Mischief'

# Updated:

* On screen kill count, resets when player is defeated

* enemy logic varies with each enemy and stats slightly increase over time

* rebalance dmg to be more focused on stamina and momentum for greater 1 hit KO chance

* fixed low stamina bug making it hard to recover when stamina is low


Move: joystick/w-a-s-d

Dash: double press move either left or right

Jab:  SPACE/(x)

Hook: hold e + press SPACE/hold R2 + press (x)

Block: left-ctrl/L1 or R1

Menu: ESC

Notes for current jam version:

Red bar is health, green is stamina and the smaller bar under stamina is your momentum. You can keep an eye on that to see how much potential dmg you'll do when you punch (changes as you move and momentum changes).

Going below 33% stamina you can't block and dif low enough you can't attack. Jab has less stamina requirements than hooks but deal less dmg.


Dmg is based on your movement vs the opponents (you moving into your punch is better than standing still, even better is if the enemy moves into it as well), the amount of you have vs the stamina the enemy has (you having more vs enemy having less is best), and the base dmg of the punch.

Bad punch example: Stepping backwards, with little stamina and punch opponent = low dmg

Good punch example: Dashing forward just before punching either after blocking an opponent or as they step forward = very high dmg


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FIST MOUNTAIN.exe (Windows) 23 MB


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